Keywords Topic and main paper Prerequisites Particular interests Status
Verification Tools, Automatic Configuration SATune: a study-driven auto-tuning approach for configurable software verification tools Software verification Performance Analysis, Result Validation
Learning, Automated Decisions, Online Safety Requirements Dynamic Simplex: Balancing Safety and Performance in Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems Software verification Decision Analysis, Cyber-physical Systems
Ensemble learning, Federated learning, Machine Learning Boosting the Federation: Cross-Silo Federated Learning without Gradient Descent Machine Learning distributed ensemble learning reserved
Maximum Satisfiability, Anytime Algorithm, Local Search Rethinking the Soft Conflict Pseudo Boolean Constraint on MaxSAT Local Search Solvers Procedural Programming, Software Engineering Efficient Algorithms, Experimenting reserved
Verification Tools, Invariant Generation Can ChatGPT support software verification? Software verification Verification, Large Language Models
Formal modeling, network protocols, peer-to-peer computing External project Software verification Modeling languages, TLA+, process mining, distributed computing
Neural Networks, Fault Localization, Ensemble Learning Apricot: A Weight-Adaptation Approach to Fixing Deep Learning Models Machine Learning Spectrum-Based Fault Localization, Neural Network